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The Faran Center for Guided Imagery

The Faran Center for Guided Imagery has a staff of professionals who have developed practices of mental imagery under the direction of Dr. Francis X Clifton. The work enables individuals to overcome illness through the use of imagery exercises in conjunction with traditional medicine. The practices focus on the emotional, psychological, and belief aspects of health while helping individuals to explore their deepest selves.

Activating the possible is why The Faran Center was founded: Faran means "to move" from possible to actual, from visible to invisible, and from surface to depth.

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"That's a powerful mantra," a therapist named Francis Clifton says, "because it vibrates through your body and brings you back to the present. The mind can't distinguish between the thought of a catstrophe and the fact of a catastophe.
... Cliftons's own is complex. nearly as nuanced as a koan: Life is a mystery to be lived, not a puzzle to be solved.

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"She claimed the pearl of
great price, to cite a fable
told to me by New York psychologist Francis Clifton, who uses classical imagery
in his work with depression and cancer patients:

'That is the pearl of great price.' Clifton says 'The
great price is the struggle
to be true to yourself.'"

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Imagery Immunology and the Deeper Self

Guided Imagery Exercises By
Dr. Francis X. Clifton

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Guilt, Imagination and Freedom: The Foundation of Psychotherapy Within Imagination

Dr. Francis X. Clifton

our Goal

The Center's mission is to teach the means of mobilizing energy through the use of mental imagery. Imagery activates the immune system and enables one to become more concentrated in achieving personal goals. Dwelling in the landfall of the soul/mind is applied psycho-neuro- immunology. This is a practice of applying attentional mind to our health, to our goals, and to our lives, despite our history


"Illness, emotional blockage, and depression can be the beginning of our quest for light. For when we recognize the darkness, maybe even embrace it, our journey to light can begin." Insight from Dr. Francis X. Clifton

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